Sophie (France): "...don't forget to ask them for the taxi service to arrive and leave from the airport, you'll pay less than a regular cab would charge and you'll be sure that you're safe, no matter the time of your arrival/departure."
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Frequently Asked Questions

1.I am arriving to Lima by plane. Is it safe to take a taxi outside the airport or do you have an airport transfer service?

We don´t recommend you to use the official airport taxis or a taxi from off the street. Often, dodgy drivers will try to take advantage of foreigners by overcharging and have been known to relieve them of their luggage. We offer transfer from the airport to the hostel for S/. 55 (up to 3 people) and from the airport to the hostel is S/. 50. You will be driven in a private vehicle by one of our drivers, Miguel or Beto, who will wait for you even if your flight is delayed.

2.What is the maximum length of stay and is there a discounted price for longer stays?

The maximum stay at the hostel is 15 days. We arrange discount upon the hostel availabilities and the room type you request.

3.We are arriving to Lima by bus from elsewhere in Peru. Can you recommend a good bus company to book with.

The company most widely recommended in Peru is Cruz del Sur, who consistently offer safe, comfortable journies. From Cuzco, Cruz del Sur departs at about 2PM and 6PM and takes about 21 hours. Prices range from S/. 150 (semi-cama) to S/. 170 (full cama). Other top-recommended companies are Cial and Ormeño. Civa, Tepsa, Linea, Ittsa and Flores are more reasonably-priced and less luxurious but still offer safe, reliable services around Peru.

4.I want to book a flight to Cuzco from Lima. What airline would you recommend?

LAN operates frequent, quality flights between Lima and Cuzco for around $100-150 return. Star Peru usually has cheaper flights and now offers standby tickets. See the following websites for details.
Star Peru -
Peruvian Airlines -

5.I will be arriving to the hostel late at night. Will I be able to enter the hostel?

Yes, there is someone in reception 24 hours per day. Just ring the buzzer when you arrive and we will let you in. It is a good idea to print out your reservation confirmation and bring it with you if you are arriving late. The 24-hour reception also means there is no curfew if you decide to visit Barranco for a night out.

6.Is the hostel located in a safe area and are there restaurants, supermarkets and cash dispensers nearby?

Yes, the hostel is located in Miraflores 3 blocks from Parque Kennedy. The park is the heart of the district and around it you will find a multitude of impressive restaurants. It is safe to walk around the streets of this area, even at night if you are in a group. It is also only a 5 minute walk down the road to the beach. There are cash machines all around Parque Kennedy and there is a supermarket located only 4 blocks away so you can pick up the ingredients you need for DIY cooking in our kitchen (a nice, cheaper alternative to the more expensive restaurants around the park).

7.I want to travel into Lima´s historical centre but don´t want to stay there. Is Dragonfly Hostels a good option?

Yes, to travel to the city centre of Lima from Dragonfly Hostels, you just walk down Ave. 28 de Julio eight blocks to Paseo de la Republica where the platform is. Buses run every 5 – 10 minutes from 6AM to 9:50PM and it is only a 20 minute ride to the ´Jr. de la Unión´ station where you need to get off. The staff at reception can provide you with a map and explain this in more detail when you are ready to head in from the hostel.

8.What kind of security do you have at the hostel? Lockers, night guards, cameras?

The hostel has staff on site 24/7. In each dorms you have a personal lockers (we suggest you to bring your own padlock). No visitors are allowed without an photo ID and have to be permanently with the hostel guest (last visitors allowed until 11pm).

9.Is the hostel area is safe?

Yes! Miraflores is very safe, at any time. It doesn´t mean that you have to be careless, the common sense advices are applicable in Lima like in any city in the world. If you like to go around in the diffrent Lima district, ask our staff for any advices.

10. Is it ok to change money on the street?

Yes! It´s actually very commun in Peru. Always ask for the change rate before. There is also some exhchange desk. It´s always cheapoer and faster than a bank.

11.Can I pay the hostel with credit card?

No. Unfortunatly we do not have any credt card system but you can easily withdrawal some cash (in USD or Nuevo SOLES) at the ATM bank next door.



For more informations, send us an e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We ensure an answer the same day!


Dragonfly Hostels Lima, Av. 28 de Julio #190, Miraflores, Lima - Peru

Reservations :  + or +51.1.654.32.26 (in Peru dial 0 instead of the international code)


Dragonfly Hostels Cusco, Calle Siete Cuartones #245, Cusco, Peru

Reservations: +51 84 247 058 (in Peru dial 084.247.058)


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Jonathan (USA): "I found it a good mix of fun and yet still quiet enough when you want to sleep, and it's in a good, safe location in town. When I go back to Peru, I will stay here again!"
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